Welcome to the School Search functionality which has been developed by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to support the accurate collection of EMIS number for learner data records that are submitted to the Skills Education and Training Management Information System (SETMIS).

The data used in this webpage is sourced directly from the Department of Basic Education School Masterlists Data Downloads which are publically available at: www.education.gov.za. It is important to note that the DHET does not manage the data presented on this webpage and as a result cannot be held responsible for the quality of the information displayed. The DHET has developed the School Search functionality only in order to provide a user friendly interface that will allow data suppliers (institutions/colleges/providers/employers and SETAs) to determine the EMIS number of the last school that a person has attended in line with the SETMIS load file specifications.

If you are unable to find the last school that a person attended on this search functionality use one of the following codes as the EMIS number to indicate the following scenarios:
000000001 – Person never attended school
000000002 – Unable to find last school attended, last school attended was in South Africa
000000003 – Unable to find last school attended, last school attended was not in South Africa

The School Search functionality provides you with a quick search and an advanced search (More search criteria) functionality.

Any technical issues with this website may be reported to ISCDSupport@dhet.gov.za

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